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Since our inception, Alligatrade has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality knowledge advisory practice.

Alligatrade is a private limited corporation formed in 2020.


Being a successful investor or trader is a lot like being an alligator.


The alligator is pretty much the top of the food chain in the swamp, and those who use specific data-driven and value-focused approaches to investing their capital are pretty much the top of the market food chain.


Like an alligator watching the surroundings and tracking any movement, our strategy consists in analysing market environments by building intelligent data monitoring tools to improve performance and profitability.

Cargo Ship

Sebastien Bischeri

Founder / Director

Commodity Trading Advisory

Expertise in Commodities and Economic Intelligence

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Former Reserve Officer in the French Armed Forces (Navy), I began my career in computer science and engineering, prior to move into banking, finance and trading. I have worked with top banks, firms, government departments, MNCs, SMEs and start-ups over the past decade, where I have gained an extensive knowledge of commodities, economic intelligence, energy, financial markets, investments, risks and strategy (both as a Trader and Quantitative Analyst). In parallel, I've never stopped learning: I hold an MSc in Oil & Gas Finance and Energy Economics from Dundee, Scotland, and a European Masters in Economic Intelligence (EI) from Versailles, France. I advise, provide analyses, insights and workshops to businesses through Alligatrade.

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